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Multi-Purpose Mini Does Hematocrits, Too!

New! The Mini-Multifuge comes with 4 interchangeable rotors including a 12-place rotor for processing microhematocrits. The remaining rotors are designed for a broad range of tubes from 0.2 ml all the way up to 5 ml. Speed adjustment from 1000-12,000 RPM is controlled using the easy to read LED display.  The diminutive footprint of just 7 in X 6 in makes it an easy fit for even the smallest labs. Easy on the budget, too! Package includes one vial of plain hematocrit tubes, 1 sealant tray, and Mini-microhematocrit reader.

Just 390.65

*Note: The Mini-Multifuge microhematocrit rotor requires a special 40 mm hematocrit tube.

Mini-Plain (no additive) 100/vial  #HCTHT9H10      

Mini-Heparinized  100/vial   #HCTHT9H10

Microhematocrit Tube Sealant






Portable Mini-Centrifuge Goes Where You Go!

Our new multi-speed mini-centrifuge makes fast work of serum and plasma separations with a top speed of 10,000 RPM. Slower speeds of 4000 and 6000 RPM are easily set  with the sliding switch. The unit comes complete with 2 different rotors and special inserts allowing it to accommodate up to 6 Microtainers®, Capijects®, and Multivettes® as well as screw top centrifuge tubes up to 1.5 ml. Safety features include a cover latch interlock which powers off the centrifuge if the cover is opened while in use. With a modest 6" X 6” footprint and a “whisper-quiet” motor, you can even place one in the exam room. Order with your choice of either standard AC power or 12 V DC  for field use. (Plugs into vehicle accessory power outlet.) Weighs just 5 lbs. One-year warranty.

Ordering Information:

XC4610K (AC 110V)

XC4610KDC (12 V) 

Your Choice: 225.00



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