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Culturing for Urinary Tract Infection has never been easier nor faster!

Introducing CultiPlate®-U, the newest addition to our line of advanced culture products for in-clinic use. CultiPlate®-U is a dual media culture plate optimized for the presumptive identification of the most commonly encountered uropathogens in small animals.
What makes CultiPlate®-U different from other screening systems such as Uricult® is the incorporation of our Spectrum® chromogenic media. When we introduced our Spectrum® agar over a decade ago, we simplified in-house culture by formulating it with special substrates selected to produce uniquely pigmented colonies. For example, E. coli colonies grow out as bright pink, Pseudomonas as light green, and Proteus as tan. We\\\\'ve incorporated that same Spectrum® agar into CultiPlate®-U allowing you to obtain a presumptive identification based on colony color and morphology alone in just 18-24 hours. And because the colonies themselves change color instead of the agar, you\\\\'ll find interpretation incredibly easy. The addition of Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) agar facilitates the identification of Gram-negative enterobacteriacae; especially E.coli, the most common cause of UTI infection.  But don\\\\'t take our word for it. See for yourself by clicking here to view our full color chart that you will receive free with your first order.

Quantitative Bacterial Culture (QBC), also known as Colony Count, is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of urinary tract infections. In addition to differentiating harmless bacterial contaminants from bacterial pathogens, a colony count can provide an important clue as to the severity of infection. However, for meaningful results QBC must be performed at the time of collection and included in the CultiPlate®-U system are disposable calibrated loops for obtaining precise results.

The compact 2 inch X 3 inch CultiPlate®-U fits easily into the smallest of incubators and can be submitted to most reference labs for confirmation and susceptibility testing. Plates are individually wrapped for extended shelf life of up to 8 months.


CultiPlate®-U Culture System 10/box       61.34



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