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Microscopes for IVF and Embryo Transplant

Microscopes for IVF/ET applications require transmitted light to avoid heat damage to fragile specimens. This is accomplished using under-base mirrors to reflect light from fiber optic and other types of lighting systems.
This entry level stereo zoom embryo transplant (ET) microscope features a  a diascopic base with tilt/sliding  mirror that provides variable illumnation from an external fiberoptic LED system. This cool, bright LED lighting protects fragile specimens from the excessive heat that is common with halogen lighting based systems. The optical zoom range is 6.7X to 45X and the 10X focusable eyepieces provide a wide 22 mm field of few. Working distance is up to 120 mm. Available options  include LED ring light for direct (incident) lighting, trinocular head, digital HD camera, and more.

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For the discerning specialist, The EMZ-5 binocular viewing body from Meiji-Techno delivers sharp, high-contrast images and a zoom range of 6.5:1 that provides exceptionally high resolution throughout. The EMZ-5 employs Greenough optics for improved image flatness and contrast.  The accompanying BD-LED diascopic stand is well suited to equine or bovine embryo transplant where direct heat could damage the specimen. The tilting lens/mirror system provides (indirect) transmitted variable intensity LED lighting In addition, pseudo-darkfield illumination is possible with the fully rotatable in-base mirror . Supplied with 94.5mm diameter clear glass stage plate and two stage clips. Options include Trinocular viewing head for photomicroscopy, LED Ring light, and Digital HD Camera. Proudly manufactured in Japan! 

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