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Stains for Hematology

Quick III 3-step Differential Stain

Formulated by the original manufacturers of Harleco Diff-Quik®, Quick III is a cost-effective alternative that delivers brilliant color in just 3 easy steps. Each set contains 16 oz. each of fixative, blue, and red counterstain. A 90 ml “Stat-Pak” that comes in wide mouth containers that double as staining jars is also available. Stain and fixative can be purchased in gallons as well. See also Neat Stain.

Quick III Set 106.63
Quick III Stat-Pak 41.48
Camco Quik Stain II (Wright-Giemsa) Formulation

The original one-step differential stain, Camco Quik II Stain incorporates a buffer into the stain solution effectively reducing the number of steps. Provides quick differential staining of all cell types, with buffering and intensity controlled by rinsing with ordinary distilled water (pH 6 to 7) Just dip slide into stain for 10 seconds then into distilled water for 20 seconds and air dry. 32 oz. bottle.

Camco Quik Stain II 89.45


Wright-Giemsa (Classical Method) Stain

For the "purists" this economical kit provides cellular detail second to none. Use with our over-the-sink staining rack (Product STN-RACK) for optimum results.

3 X 8 oz. Set 30.82


New Methylene Blue (Reticulocyte Stain)

When stained with New Methylene Blue immature red blood cells may exhibit a purplish reticulum (aggregate type) or a single small round body (punctate). Mix equal volumes of anticoagulated blood (EDTA) and New Methylene Blue in a small test tube or on a slide. Incubate at room temperature for 10 minutes, prepare a smear, and air dry. Reticulocyte count is expressed as a percentage of the total red blood cells counted in the smear helping to differentiate regenerative from non-regenerative anemia.

26.32/1 oz. Btl.

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